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Gall Aphids - Cygon Treatment for Birch Trees


  • Deciduous

    Leaf Roller, Leaf Hopper, Caterpillar, Birch Leaf Miner, Scale Insects

    Leaf Roller

    Various species roll leaves and spin webs to form protection while they feed on plant juices.

    Leaf Hopper

    Small sucking insects usually pale green found on the underside of leaves


    The larvae defoliate shade trees and fruit trees when infestations are severe. It spins large tents in the branches of trees.

    Birch Leaf Miner

    Adult is a small fly. Larva blotch-mines leaves of birch causing severe browning of foliage. Similar leaf miners attack other species of trees.

    Scale Insects

    Scale Insects

    Several types of tiny insects which live under protective scales on tree bark. They feed on sap and reduce plant vigor. Heavy infestations kill the branches.

  • Conifer


    Spruce Bud Worm, Soft Fly Larvae, Spider Mites

    Spruce Budworm and Sawfly Larvae

    Rapidly destroy the new needles on evergreen conifers

    Spider Mite

    A spider mite is a minute pest which sucks juices from the plant and discolors foliage. They sometimes spin fine webs.

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    Frost Canker

    Frost Canker







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    Information from the National Pest Management Association, Pest Management Association of Alberta and

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