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Our rodent control programme starts with a thorough inside and outside inspection (we also have cordless securityman camera) to look for the entry points and possible food sources. We will point out areas that require attention as well as perform minor repairs for you. Based on this evaluation, we then implement a personalized rodent control programme for your property. Some of the rodent control methods used are tamper resistant bait stations, electronic pest repellers, and monthly service (for both commercial and residential should it be required).

Continued preventative/maintenance rodent control programmes are also available.

During our service call, we make sure that the client is well informed at all stages of the process.

Outdoors, mice feed on weed seeds, insects, and any other food source available. When their food supply becomes scarce in the fall/winter (especially in colder climates such as Calgary’s), mice will move into the surrounding buildings.

As mouse season is upon us, we would like to make you aware of the following rodent signs:

Ten Rodent Signs

  1. Droppings (feces) are a common sign of rodent infestation. One mouse may produce fifty droppings per day.
  2. Tracks.
  3. Gnawing damage can be noticed on all types of objects. (i.e. Shredded paper and holes in the corners of food     boxes and bags)
  4. Burrows.
  5. Runways.
  6. Grease marks.
  7. Urine stains.
  8. Live or dead rodents.
  9. Rodent sounds such as high-pitched squeaks, gnawing sounds, scratching and digging.
  10. Rodent odours are often detectable in well-established infestations.

Remember, rodent problems vary from one situation to another, therefore, control programs must be flexible and adaptable to fit each situation. Call us to help get rid of your mice problem.

For further assistance, inspection, or treatment, please call Best Control Pest Control at 403-273-3025, 403-932-4383 or fax 403-932-4388.

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