Birds as Pests in Calgary – A Need for Pigeon Control

Unfortunately birds have negative aspects when they associate too closely with people.

Bird droppings and nesting materials in, on and around buildings cause many health risks. Certain bird species are often both serious nuisances and pests capable of transmitting diseases, contaminating our food, and damaging our structures.

Airborne spores from dried droppings can enter a building through air conditioning systems, exposing owners to liability should employees, customers or patients become ill.

Heavy build-up of droppings on roofs can drastically shorten the life expectancy of roofing materials, and nesting materials can plug up drainage. Do-it-yourself methods may be ineffective and create more risk. We can help you find the most effective ways to fix your bird problems and prevent these risks for your home or business.

Public Health Problems

As public health pests, birds can harbour disease organisms, which may affect people, pets and domestic animals.

However, reports of disease are outbreaks are directly attributed to urban or rural flocks of pigeons.

Urban pests also commonly serves as hosts of various ectoparasites such as lice, mites, bedbugs, bat bugs, louse flies, fleas and ticks. It is not uncommon for these ectoparasites to move from birds or their nests into buildings on which the birds are nesting (especially if birds evacuate their nests for prolonged periods or following a bird management program). Some ectoparasites are no more than a nuisance because their presence. Others, however, may bite or irritate people. Pigeons, in particular, tend to harbour ectoparasites. A few of the more commonly found ectoparasites associated with pigeons and other birds include the following:

  • Pigeons Nest Bug, Cimex Columbarius and Other Cimex Species

  • Pigeon Tick, Argas Relexus

  • Pigeon Fly, Psedolynchia Canariensis

  • European Chicken Flea, Ceratophyllus Gallinae

  • Flea, Ceratophyllus Columbae

  • Conenose Bug, Triatoma Rubrofasciata

  • Chicken mite, Dermanyssus gallinae

  • Northern Fowl mite, Ornithonysuss Sylviarum

Other mites may occur on birds also. A few of the genera include: Ornithonyssus, Laminosioptes, Syringophilus, Megnina, Falculifer, and Pterophagus.

Genera of biting lice (Mallophaga) include: Campanulotes, Coloceras, Colocephalum, Columbicola, Horhorstillea, Physconelloides, and Bonomiella.

Pigeon problems vary from one situation to another, therefore control programs must be flexible and adaptable to each situation. With an Integrated Management Program, Best Control Pest Control can help eliminate the current situation.
The Broadband Pro® is a full-featured bird control system that gets rid of pigeons, sparrows, starlings and other stubborn bird infestations with a comprehensive, multi-faceted audio attack.
This automated sound unit operates in ultrasonic and sonic modes, using four loudspeakers to emit natural predator calls and bird distress and alarm signals. The sounds confuse, disorient, and intimidate pest birds to quickly scare them away from the effective area of over 10,000 sq. ft.*
Bird Spikes are an excellent anti-perching solution for bird control building projections, signs, statues, trusses and beams. All it takes is an application of Bird Spikes needle strips. There's nothing like this roost inhibitor from the world's acknowledged leader in bird control products.*

Another option for combatting a bird problem is to install BirdNet. By placing the netting over the entrance of places that the bird is likely to roost, you prevent the roosting problem in the first place. This choice is particularly valued because it involves almost no upkeep and is very easy to install. It can also be used at vineyards, orchards, and other agricultural enterprises.

Seal off all structural openings and other havens for roosting pest birds with this high quality durable solution.*
Netting is a sensible, strong, long-lasting, hassle-free solution to any bird problem.
Solve bird problems in many types of facilities including:

  • Loading Docks & Warehouses

  • Bridges & Overpasses

  • Office Complexes

  • Parking Structures

  • Arenas

  • Shopping Centers

  • Vineyards, Orchards, Fields (prevent bird depredation of crops - netted enclosures allow light and moisture IN while keeping birds OUT)”*

*Information from Bird-X

Tools that can be used to help you with your bird problems:


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